Production Scale
As the first China-based manufacturer of e-cigs, FIRST UNION is widely recognized as a pioneer in the industry. We are the sole proprietor of the largest dust-free workshop in domestic history. Through the implementation of automated production, quality consistency is ensured. Our company has since broken records for sheer shipment volume.

A proficient R&D team propels us toward technological innovation. Their invaluable contributions have optimized our operational efficiency. Our collective staff strives to provide customers with satisfying products and solutions.

Our corporate infrastructure was designed to protect customer interests. Currently implemented is a reasonable quotation system as well as sophisticated ERP and supply chain management systems. First Union is officially ranked as one of the best evaluated companies in the domestic industry.

We have passed the certifications of standards such as GMP, ISO9001-2008, ISO13485, and ISO80001. Our mission is to meet customer demands by providing high cost-performance products and sincere services.

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Main Products
FIRST UNION Technology Company is a Chinese enterprise which specializes in production of electronic cigarette, disposable E-cigarette, E-cigar, and accessories such as electronic cigarette charger, E-cigarette refill cartridge, and more. Our electronic cigarettes feature safety, environmental protection, ease of use, low cost, so they are an excellent substitute for traditional cigarettes. Our products can be used in many public places including aircrafts, trains, theaters, hospitals, and more. You can find our E-cigarette in more than 50 countries and regions. We are active in all aspects of production, from research and development, through all steps of production, to international marketing of electronic cigarette and related products.