To better serve our customers, we provide not only high quality E cigarette, but also excellent customer service. For example, the electronic cigarette comes with a 12 month warranty, and the E cigarette adapter has a 6 month warranty, during which, any quality problem caused by material or manufacturing fault, we will remedy. Simply send us the faulty E-cigarette or part, the warranty card, and the invoice.

Given below are detailed service items.
1. You may request a return, exchange or repair your product within 7 days (sending time is not included, the same below) of purchase. We will refund your purchase price, when we receive the pertinent documentation, and the item in the condition in which it was purchased.
2. You may request an exchange or repair within 15 days of your purchase. Simply return the item in the condition you received it, along with the necessary documentation.
3. You may request repair of a product for free within 1 year after purchase, and if a product needs repaired three times, you may request a replacement.
4. When purchasing our products, please retain your receipt of purchase. Please fill in the warranty card in detail and keep it in case of you later need any repairs.
5. Please securely package products being returned, to avoid any damage during shipping. Damages caused by poor packaging will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
6. If you purchase directly from one of our sales agents, that sales agent will be responsible for providing your repair and warranty services.
7. The following circumstances will void the warranty:
(1). Warranty period is expired.
(2). Damage caused by misuse or excessive force.
(3). Breakage caused by unauthorized disassembly or modification.
(4). Breakage or damage by unforeseen circumstances or accidents
(5). Warranty card, invoice or other valid documents missing.
(6). If the product model recorded on warranty card or invoice does not must match the item being returned.

Please download PDF for more detailed information:

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FIRST UNION Technology Company is a Chinese enterprise which specializes in production of electronic cigarette, disposable E-cigarette, E-cigar, and accessories such as electronic cigarette charger, E-cigarette refill cartridge, and more. Our electronic cigarettes feature safety, environmental protection, ease of use, low cost, so they are an excellent substitute for traditional cigarettes. Our products can be used in many public places including aircrafts, trains, theaters, hospitals, and more. You can find our E-cigarette in more than 50 countries and regions. We are active in all aspects of production, from research and development, through all steps of production, to international marketing of electronic cigarette and related products.